The 23rd ATV presents a brand-new competition, the Audit Case Challenge. Participants will go through a series of rounds in this competition, starting from the preliminary paper, deck pitching, and the audit case forum. This event will showcase participants' abilities to provide the best solutions for the given audit case. Prove that you and your team are the reliable future auditors in solving an audit case.

Online Registration:
- Early Bird Registration: November 22nd - December 4th 2023
- Phase 1 Registration: December 5th - 26th December 2023
- Phase 2 Registration: December 27th 2023 - January 3rd 2024
Online Preliminary
January 8th - January 17th 2024
Preliminary Announcement
February 29th 2024
Main Round Registration
March 1st - March 3rd 2024
Audit Case Pitching
March 5th 2024
Audit Case Challenge Finalists Company Visit
March 8th 2024
Grand Final and Awarding Night
March 9th 2024
Case Challenge Theme
"Addressing Control Deficiencies: Internal Auditors' Strategies for Preventing Frauds within Business"

Audit Case Challenge